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Your Ultimate Wedding Blueprint

From Vows to Wows

Congratulations on your engagement! We're excited to be a part of your wedding planning journey. Let us guide you with our ultimate wedding planning guide that's designed to assist all brides-to-be. From creating a budget to selecting the perfect venue, we're here to make your dream wedding a reality!

Get your hands on the Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

BrideBae Wedding Day Organiser-2.png

and Say goodbye to wedding planning panic attacks! 💖

  • Chapter 1    Introduction

  • Chapter 2   Setting a Budget, Creating Wedding Visions & Priorities

  • Chapter 3   Choosing a Wedding Date

  • Chapter 4   Gathering the Dream Team

  • Chapter 5   The Dress & Attire

  • Chapter 6   Invitations and Stationeries

  • Chapter 7   Wedding Vows and Speeches

  • Chapter 8   Planning the Wedding Day

  • Chapter 9   Guest List & Logistics

  • Chapter 10 Day of Coordination

​This is the ultimate guidebook that covers everything from the moment you said "yes" to the magical "I do." It's jam-packed with all the tips you need and handy worksheets to make your dream wedding a reality. Perfect for anyone who's feeling lost in the wedding planning maze!
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