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Son Ye Jin Wedding Dresses Price May Worth Million

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Son Ye Jin wedding dresses are whimsical. The actress in Crash Landing On You captivates her fans with 5 designer wedding dresses where each of it is at its own class. Since everyone are gushing over these couple, we want to take the opportunity to share all the wedding dresses details where she had worn on her wedding day in hope to aspire future bride out to feel inspired and get the ideas on what to choose for their own. Read on to learn more.

1. Son Ye Jin Wedding Dress in Camellia by Vera Wang

Son Ye Jin chose Vera Wang’s “Camellia” wedding dress which is a light ivory asymmetrical hand draped French tulle gown, with a macramé lace skirt, veiled with a dramatic tulle overlay. This modern touched dress was said to be worth RM34,829.71. 

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2. Son Ye Jin in Sage by Vera Wang

Also by Vera Wang, Son Ye Jin chose “Sage”, a macramé lace A-line gown with dramatic nude tulle overlay, accentuating high neck and delicate cap sleeve accents as one of her wedding dresses. She paired it with a flower-decorated hair making it look like fairytale garb come to life! According to the source, this billowy sage gown cost at RM62, 188.35.

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3. Son Ye Jin in Vision in Tulle by Mira Zwillinger

A creation that features an off-shoulder neckline on a sweetheart bodice, and a matching gauzy veil. If you look closer, you’ll see the overskirt of the dress has layers of soft tulle that were decorated with abstract lace! It was said that the price tag of this wedding dress was worth RM 46, 535.50.

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4.Son Ye Jin in Sleeveless Dress by Elie Saab

It is known that the price of this Elie Saab‘s wedding dress cost at about RM278,635.00. Elie Saab is a famous brand favored by Middle Eastern conglomerates and Hollywood stars, and is also known as the ‘Valentino of the Middle East.’ For Son Ye Jin’s wedding dress, she chose the luxurious sleeveless dress design with flower decorations added to the square neckline.

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5. Son Ye Jin in White Tulle Gown by Valentino

Tulle dress by Valentino featuring a sheer top with floral embroideries. To match this gown, Son Ye Jin opts for her hair to be neatly tied at the back in order to showcase the wide gorgeous smile on her face as she held this little small bouquet of lavender. This look gave the actress princess-y vibes. The price detail of this beautiful dress remain mystery as it is yet launched.

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In total, all Son Ye Jin dresses price excluded Valentino cost half million ringgit.

What do you think about all her wedding dress? We do hope you are inspired by Son Ye Jin’s wedding dresses and have a little bit idea of your own vision of a whimsical wedding dress. 


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