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How To get your Akad Nikah Done In Sabah Malaysia

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

So you're getting your Akad Nikah done! That's great news! But before you get too excited, there's a lot to do. From planning your wedding to finding a venue and booking caterers, it can seem like a lot of work. But don't worry—we've got everything you need right here at The Bridal Helpline.

Akad Nikah is one of the oldest and most important shariah obligations for every Muslim couple to get their marriage registered officially. The process of getting the Akad Nikah is likely to be unfamiliar and confusing for couples who are planning to get their marriage registered officially. Therefore we are to help you to get through the entire process easier and more efficiently.

Read on to learn more.

1. Pre-Marriage Course​

If you want your Akad Nikah procedure to be done in the state of Sabah, it is important to know what steps you need to take. First, you must know that there is a pre-marriage course requirement in order to get married in the state of Sabah. This pre-marriage course can be taken at any of the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Negeri Sabah (JHEAINS) offices across the state. You will be asked when will be your wedding date when you get there so please confirm this with your fiancé before coming in person over the phone or via email if possible so that everything goes smoothly! The participation fee for the marriage course is RM70 and is limited to 40 people only/per session. Once you have taken the pre-marriage course, you can get the original certificate which can be claimed at the JHEAINS Syariah Administration Division Office in the respective districts.

Flower arrangement by Oh Dear Project Sabah

2. Akad Nikah or Marriage Form​

If you're getting your Akad Nikah procedure done in Kota Kinabalu, there's one thing you need to do first: get the marriage form.

The form must be purchased at the same place you did your marriage course. There will be a fee of RM5 for each form. Therefore, if you need to buy it once for your future partner, you can too. As far as we know, the online marriage form is not available, probably due to the number of series on the wedding form, which is unique for every couple. Once you get the marriage form, complete them and bring them back to JHEAINS before submitting your application for permission to marry.

You need to provide them with the following documents to proceed with the marriage form completion. Among the documents that are needed are:

a. Confirmation of single status [This can be done by filling in the marriage form and asking for confirmation from the Village Head or employer (for those who work) or Commissioner for Oaths]

b. Copy of applicant's Identity Card (male/female)

c. Copy of Guardian's Identity Card

d. Copy of Witness Identity Card (2 people)

e. HIV Test Result

f. Pre-Marriage Course Certificate

g. Single Declaration Letter

Single Declaration Letter

3. Health Check​

For the HIV test, you need to download the HIV test form online. Below is an example of an HIV test form you need to bring to the health clinic while performing this test. The test can be done only at government health clinics using the HIV screening form gazetted by MOH. No walk-in; therefore, you need to make an appointment at your nearest government health clinic (depending on the district) for this test. HIV test result is valid for six months and can be done in a day.

4. Authority Letter For Outside District Marriage​

For couples who wish to get married outside the district, you need to get a marriage permission letter. To get this, you must complete the marriage form before you can get the marriage permission letter outside the district. Fee of RM5 will be charged.

5. Letter Of Permission From The Mosque​

If you are getting married in Malaysia, and want to have your Akad Nikah performed at the mosque, you will need to get a letter of permission from the mosque in advance. The letter is needed to inform them that you wish to rent the place for your Akad Nikah. You can choose any mosque that is convenient for you, but if you do not get a letter of permission from the mosque, they will not rent out their place for your Akad Nikah.

There is a fee to pay for renting out the space at the mosque. Depending on which mosque it is, this fee ranges between RM100 and RM200. Once you've paid, they will set the date when you can get married there. Keep your receipt as it will be required when filing your marriage form later on.

6.Submit Your Akad Nikah Documents​

Once you've submitted your form, either you'll get the jurunikah right away or you'll be contacted soon. Save all your receipts and jurunikah contact information for future reference.

And there you go, future bride! We hope this wedding guide helps to smooth your Akad Nikah journey. Share with those who will need this guide.

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