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  • Do I have to pay to register a vendor's profile on The Bridal Helpline website?
    No, currently we are offering free vendor registration to all. Interested vendors have to first sign up for The Bridal Helpline Lite Membership first. You can refer the this link to proceed:
  • How can I create a vendor profile with The Bridal Helpline?
    To create a vendor profile on The Bridal Helpline, interested vendors have to sign up to our vendor membership. Simply click on this link to sign up and follow the steps to proceed to your membership online payment. Once payment is confirmed, our customer service personnel will contact you personally via email or whatsapp for all the information, photos and documents we need to create your profile on our website.
  • Can I create multiple profiles for the collateral services my business provides?
    Yes, you can if you prefer as this will boost a more targeted listing views. However, this will be treated as 2 single memberships, i.e. you have to sign up separately for both profiles to be shown on two separate categories. The bottom line is: if the collateral services are similar (i.e. photography and videography) or you provide your services as a package, you do not have to sign up for 2 vendors profile. However, if your services are distinctively apart (i.e. photography and makeup) nor does it come as a packaged deal, then we would recommend signing up for 2 vendors profiles.
  • What are your advertising package and charges?
    Advertising packages and charges are all clearly listed out in our bundle kit which could be downloaded upon signing up to our newsletter via the link here.
  • I want to speak to someone, is there a customer service I can contact by phone?
    Yes, you can contact us here on 016-7024463 or 010-935 0730. Please do note that this is strictly for vendors' membership, advertisement and collaboration queries only.
  • I really like The Bridal Helpline community and would like to collaborate with you, who should I contact?
    You can contact us via mobile on 016-7024463 or 010-935 0730 or email at to arrange for an appointment. Please do note that appointments are strictly for collaboration queries and discussions only.
  • Can I settle my payment with customer(s) off site?
    Yes you may and upon mutual agreements between you and your client. The Bridal Helpline shall take no responsibilities on late payment, none performing services on both ends.
  • Can I get a refund from The Bridal Helpline if I am not satisfied with the advertising platform on your website?
    Unfortunately, all payments paid for advertising and memberships are strictly non-refundable. However, you can opt out by simply giving us 30 days notice in advance before the next payment is due. Please read our terms and conditions for further clarifications.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Currently we only accepts online payment from all major banks registered in Malaysia.
  • Once I have signed up as a vendor, where will my enquiries go?
    Enquiries will go to you directly. You will not have to login to your TBH profile to see your enquiries from couples. Please do make sure your enquiry email address or Whatsapp number you provide is up to date, as otherwise you won’t receive the enquiry!
  • Can I change/ amend my advertisement once it is live on the website?
    You may notify us to amend your advert before the next payment due date. However, the new changes will only reflect on the website 14 days from the date of notification.
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