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Pre-wedding Preparation 3: Questions to ask on your first bridal appointment

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Walking into a bridal shop is like walking into the unknown. Not sure what to expect. At @thebridalhelplinee , we want to share our experience with future brides who might be actively looking for an answer to a question they didn’t even think of. We’ve been there, done there so hence a platform where we share our knowledge.

Here’s the last part of the bridal guide we’ve compiled for you. Read on to learn 😀

Tip 1: "Any extra fee apart from the package price?"

This is important as some bridals offer a certain add ons fee at a certain stage of the bridal procedure. For example, there might be certain gowns that require a fee for premium upgrades. Other than that, your package may only include a certain number of photos in total and you may be tempted to add more during the selection of your photos which requires a certain fee.

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Tip 2: "Anything to bring during the pre-wedding photoshoot?

Some bridals may not prepare certain things for your photoshoot day. Some of them include nude bras, invisible bra string, make-up sponges, a white shirt for men, and more. Be sure to get advice from your bridal on which item you should bring.

You may also bring your own props if you’d like to have a certain look of the photoshoot that the bridal didn’t provide. It can be real cakes, some sentimental item you both shared, flowers, casual attire or anything you can be creative with 🙂

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Tip 3: ”Any travel fee charges for an outdoor photoshoot?”

Depending on your wedding location, some bridals may charge for outstation and accommodation fees beyond the areas they normally serve. Also, be sure to check any entrance fee for any outdoor photoshoot.

The bridals may also charge for OT if you require to extend their service beyond their hourly coverage. So, ask for an OT rate and run through your wedding schedule to avoid any miscommunication.

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Tip 4: "What are the service included for my actual wedding day?

Understanding what’s included in the bridal package can be rather overwhelming as you may not quite understand what is included during both your event; pre-wedding & actual wedding day.

As a guide, you may ask for a certain thing you probably thought can be covered by bridals. They can be; car decoration services, make-up services, jewelry rental, photographers, and many more.

Tip 5: "How long will my pre-wedding photos be ready?

If you’re in a rush for a wedding and need the photos for your day, getting your pre-wedding photos from bridals can be difficult. Some take months to prepare as they may need to do the editing and finalize everything before sending it to their management team for the finished product.

Some may need to go through international shipping if your bridal is based oversea. Best to ask your bridal regarding the timeline of your pre-wedding photo collection to prevent any miscommunications.

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Other questions you can consider to ask on your first bridal appointment:

1. “How many dresses will I get on my pre-wedding photoshoot and actual wedding dress in total?” 2. “Does your dress fits any size and do you provide in-house alterations? “ 3. “Do I have to bring anything on my pre-wedding photoshoot day?” 4. “How many pre-wedding photos are included in my package?” 5. “Does your package include a veil, jewelry, and car decoration?”


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