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Pre-wedding Preparation 1: How To Choose Bridal Shop In Kota Kinabalu Sabah?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Learning how to choose the perfect bridal shop can have a big impact on your wedding dress experience. You’ll want to find a wedding dress store that makes you feel comfortable and at ease while sifting through the hundreds of dresses to find that perfect gown. But with so many wedding dress stores out there, how do you choose a bridal shop that’s right for you? Worry not, as we have it all figured out for you, read on to learn how.

1. Inspiration

Learning your wedding theme can help you decide which bridal shop you should opt for as some bridal shop can have all the beautiful dresses but doesn’t necessarily tick off the list of what you want in a dress. Here’s our best tip to choose the perfect bridal shop; source your wedding dress inspiration from Pinterest or from your favorite artist to help you find inspiration and make a better decision.

bridal shop

2. Research

To choose the perfect bridal shop,  do your research to find available bridal shop nearby and learn what kind of wedding packages they offer. To make it easy for you, we at The Bridal Helpline have compiled all the available wedding vendors in Sabah to help you with your research. Click this link to get it in PDF form.

bridal shop

3. Portfolio

Once you’ve done the research, narrow it to 3 bridal shops that caught your attention the most. Check out their previous work via their social media to learn more. By learning about the bridal portfolio, you can check the type of look they provide and the quality of their work to find whether they have what you envision for your wedding day.

bridal shop

4. Budget

Allocating a specific budget can help you stay on track and make sure you don’t overspend on wedding dresses because trust us, choosing THE PERFECT WEDDING DRESS can be overwhelming and emotional. Check out our previous post where we share a guide on the advisable budget allocation for a bridal shop here.

bridal shop

5. Reviews

Here’s the last tip to choose the perfect bridal shop. Apart from spending an amount of money on bridal, you will also need to spend quite an amount of time there. Ask any of your bride friends, they’ll agree that the bridal experience can be so much fun but also overwhelming for a bride. From wedding package consultation to dress fitting, to photoshoot, learning which bridal with good reviews can help you to decide which bridal is the perfect fit for you.”

bridal shop

We hope these tips will be able to help you find the best bridal shop. Good luck future brides!


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