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5 Wedding Flower Decorations Ideas

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Weddings are a big day for any bride and groom. If you’re in charge of planning the wedding day, you’ll want to make sure you have all the decorations in place at the ceremony and reception. Wedding flower decorations are often centerpiece on tables to create a beautiful atmosphere for guests. Or you might have flowers decorating archways or windows where your wedding party will be photographed.

Check out these 5 wedding flower decoration ideas to get you inspired for the best and beautiful day of your life, future brides!

Ideas #1 Pair pampas grass and flowers

Create an aesthetic feel on your wedding flower decorations by pairing a dry pampas grass with flowers.

Flower arrangement by Oh Dear Project Sabah

Ideas #2 Neutral tones flowers

Ditch the idea of bold and colorful flower arrangements if you opt for neutral tones.

wedding flower decorations

Ideas #3 Pair candles and pastel coloured flowers

Display these together in the same pretty vessel to create an elegant look of your wedding flower decorations.

wedding flower decorations

Ideas #4 Statement vessel

Displaying a floral arrangement in a traditional vase makes your wedding truly unique.

wedding flower decorations

Ideas #5 Whimsical design

Utilize a variety of blooms at different lengths

wedding flower decorations


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