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2023 Auspicious Date to Get Married

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

So it's the new year and what... you're engaged? Congratulations! But before you dive head first into all the wedding designs and visions for your very own dream wedding, setting a date is the first and foremost thing you should be thinking about as it is actually the code for booking a wedding venue. Once you've signed that venue contract, your wedding date is officially set and you can start hiring other vendors such as photographer, makeup artist and so on.

auspicious date to get married

Not sure how to go about choosing the right wedding date? Take a look at our 2023 Wedding Calendar where we look to the Chinese calendars and the Malaysia National Holidays to share with you the most auspicious date to get married in 2023.

auspicious date to get married

Auspicious date to get married in 2023

We advise picking at least 2 additional dates as your plan B in case the first date you are looking at get fully booked. Those dates marked in a darker pink shade tend to get popular as they either falls on weekend or are a national holiday.

Read through and pick your perfect day to say "I do". Happy planning 😘

auspicious date to get married

We hope this auspicious date to get married a.k.a wedding calendar guide will help you planning your best wedding yet.

For more wedding tips like this, visit The Bridal Helpline.

auspicious date to get married


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